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Admissions of “bisexuality” include found with a slew of bad stereotypes

Admissions of “bisexuality” include found with a slew of bad stereotypes


This article at first came out on Alternet.

Since I have arrived on the scene over about ten years ago, I’ve been a virulent defender of bisexuality. I’ve written many content, dispelled stupid myths and become in too many hot arguments regarding the misunderstood goth teenager of sexual identities. While I’m completed getting in blade matches over whether Willow from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” really was homosexual or actually bi, I’ve seen a cultural move in people’s readiness to utilize the word “bisexual” as an identity or descriptor of their sexual actions (apart from studies and the ones into the medical institution).

“Bisexual” is progressively and fervently addressed given that worst method of cooties. Many people who are interested in one or more gender choose to diagnose as certainly not bisexual, whether that is queer, omnisexual, pansexual, homo- or hetero-flexible, straightish, fluid, polysexual, “on the straight down reasonable,” “gay for cover” (e.g. porn) and on and on.

According to information from four previous national as well as 2 state-level population-based surveys, roughly 9 million People in the us determine as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Only 1.8 percent of those someone identify as bisexual, even though approximately 19 million (8.2 per cent) document they own “engaged in same-sex behavior” and 25.6 million (11 percent) who’ve acknowledge to using same-sex interest. it is clear that bisexual behavior is happening. In a 2013 PEW report on LGBT People in the us, bisexuals were less probably be over to crucial people in her resides than lesbians and gays. Read more