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Jann: Charlie Kerr on encounter Jann Arden, playing Dark Cupid, and Nate and Jann’s union

Jann: Charlie Kerr on encounter Jann Arden, playing Dark Cupid, and Nate and Jann’s union

Whenever Jann Arden came across Charlie Kerr at a supper party in Vancouver a year ago, she instantly wished your playing Nate, the younger boyfriend of her fictional self, on third season of CTV’s Jann. But the pair around didn’t mix paths that night.

Arden is residing at a cottage owned by Kerrs pops on Bowen isle, B.C., and Kerrwho fronts alt-rock group lodge Mira features showed up on television shows particularly iZombie, The Magicians and Supernaturalsays he was concerned the legendary singer-songwriter would envision he had been merely another actor-musician … with ulterior motives to collaborate along with her if he turned up at a supper they’d both become invited to. Therefore he initially dropped commit. Overall, a friend persuaded your to wait the gathering, but he purposely wore ratty clothing therefore it wouldn’t look like he was attempting to impress anyone.

Tiny did Kerr discover, Arden was already amazed with your

We seated straight down and [Jann] already know which I became and started referring to tunes, Kerr states. I had a track that was succeeding throughout the broadcast at that time so we happened to be type of relating to both on that. Then the main topic of the girl Television program emerged, and she started speaking about this character Nate, and I also think she actually mentioned [he ended up being] sorts of somebody some as you, and I was like, Well, Im an actor; Id like to audition.

Soon after their own experience, Arden began championing Kerr to tackle Nate. As a result, the Vancouver local started an intense work out routine to evolve his appearance due to the fact, as he explains, the character is actually a star in an action tv program, and that I have the muscles of a 13-year outdated lady.

After a long audition and system endorsement process, Kerr at long last landed the parts. Read more