Free admission process

Admission is allowed to this following given below points

  1. Orphan boy child from 3 years to 5 years
  2. Single parent Boy child from 3 years to 5 years

Requirement for direct and free Admission

  1. Birth certificate of child
  2. Aadhar Card of child
  3. The death certificate of parents ( in case of orphans) / death certificate of any single parent
  4. Parents ID cards
  5. Parents Aadhar card/guardian
  6. BPL Ration card
  7. Health Records of the child (immunization card)
  8. Blood report of the child on the present date
    1. Blood Group
    2. CBC,ESR,HB
    3. Urine Analysis
    4. Vidal, jaundice test( Hepatitis A,B,C & E)
    5. HIV
  9. The referrer who ever brings the child for admission should submit the following
    1. Aadhar card
    2. ID Card
    3. Bpl/APL Ration card


Vijay Tata

A man who dares to dream and change the world, a man who is a true humanist. Vijay Tata, is an entrepreneur, a visionary, an activist, a philanthropist and person full of compassion. His journey began in the field of entrepreneurship, where he architected a real estate firm that has grown to be a huge success. For Vijay success is best enjoyed when shared. His compassion to give back to the society, has led him to set up an NGO, New India.

Vijay Tata, always nurtured the dream of propelling a wave of change that makes India as a country invincible. New India, is a self-funded NGO that commits to support women, empower them and make our country a safe haven for them, it also dedicates itself to create a bright future for underprivileged kids and to make affordable quality healthcare. His wife Amrita, is his rock who has been and is by his side to make his visions come true. Vijay Tata is a man, committed to a greater common good!

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Amrita Tata

A woman is an embodiment of strength and grace, she is Durga and Kali too, and she is the creator and a nurturer. It is her substance and belief that propels this world. A standing example of the woman of substance is Amrita Tata. An equal half of a single soul, Amrita Tata is the wife of Vijay Tata and they together have embarked onto the mission of ushering a positive change in our country.

Amrita Tata is a true, visionary who has impeccable entrepreneurial skills. A woman with a warm heart and a sharp brain, combines her strengths to serve the nation and making it a better place to live. Her vision and hopes have transformed into the NGO New India and through it she is committed to contribute to the society. Initiatives like Future Kids and NARI are some of the many batons of change and positivity. Her husband Vijay Tata is her backbone, who has supported her in making their vision come true. Amrita firmly believes that to give back to the society that has given you abundantly is the way to strike and maintain an equilibrium. When the wealthy merges with the working class, the world becomes a harmonious heaven. For her, New India and its initiatives are just a step towards realization of an invincible India.

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