A future is every kid’s right!

– Vijay Tata, Future Kids Foundation.

Our vision for every child, is a life that is whole, a life that has hope!

It is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive. We live in a world that may be ours today, but it truly belongs to the little ones who will be its inhabitants tomorrow. We have a huge population of underprivileged, malnourished children who are far away from care and hope.

Startling Numbers.

Future kids was initiated in the year 2011.

40 kids who were Ragpickers, slum dwellers, or abandoned, and orphans, were brought under the Future Kids wing.

A well-nurtured life and a happy future is our promise to these kids.

Future kids have their own shelter homes, that are a beautiful clean haven.

They are enrolled in private English medium schools.

They are provided with nutritious food and balanced diet.

Amrita Tata participates personally in planning and making the meals for the kids.

Every child and their special days like Birthday are celebrated. The home is full of festivities.

Education for Underprivileged kids
Education is the light that fights every darkness!
Child Labour
To make a child work, is to steal its childhood!
Poverty is the worst form of violence
Future Kids mission is anchored to the aim of creating a better future for every child in need and the quintessential element to a good future is the right education.
Future Kids will provide free education, scholarships to underprivileged kids. Recruiting them into mainstream schools to reaching them out with street-schools and night-schools the idea is to make education available to them irrespective of their situation. We also will provide them with the necessary materials form notebooks, stationery and the likes.
Vijay Tata - Trustee, New India Charitable Trust

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