“A hand that helps, is a hand that cradles change. At New India all we need is your helping hand, your encouraging spirit. We embrace, volunteers & Supporters”

We are a self-funded NGO, hence do not accept donations, but we do love support!
Just join us to make change happen!

“We believe that every human’s purpose is to propel a positive change in the society they dwell in. We believe to give back to the society that gave you all the resources to become who you are is the quintessential principle of keeping balance and progressing. New India is our way of giving back, it is our vision realized in the form of an NGO that commits to support and resurrect the life of rape survivors, to architect a bright future for underprivileged kids and to make quality healthcare available to all at affordable prices. We are committed to create an India that is glorious!”

Vijay Tata & Amrita Tata,
Trustee, New India Charitable Trust

“Free cancer treatment for the poor is our way to make this world a better place.”

Cancer is a disease that has gripped mankind by its devious claws, and what makes it even more difficult is the cost attached to its treatment. The cost factor makes it a living nightmare for the poor. We are committed to the cause of fighting cancer, and thus would provide free treatment to the underprivileged. Read more…

"We want to be your strength, because it is your strength that empowers us!"

New India is a believer of a woman’s strength. The one who gives life is close to the creator itself. Unfortunately our patriarchal society keeps abusing this strength. Violence against women is a burning problem, and New India aims at fighting for it with all its might. We are committed to supporting Rape victims, empowering them, helping them go back to their life and bringing them justice. We stand like a strong, protective shield against rape! Read more…

The little lives of today are the big dreams of tomorrow! Let us nurture them!

We at New India, know that the only path to ensure a new India is by securing, caring and empowering its future. Our children are the future, who bring a sea of energy and create a bounty of opportunities. Sadly, most of these little lives are wasted at the hands of poverty, lack of education and child labour. New India dedicates itself to architect a better future for these children, by providing them shelter, care and education. Read more…

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A small step, can transform into milestones!

At New India, to propel change, to achieve the big picture we take small steps! Watch this space to know what is going on at New India, know what our next step would be, and be a part of the change we are trying to bring.

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To make a difference, be the difference!

Our society has given each one of us enough, let us now share the light and fight away the darkness that prevails! Volunteer with Better India and be the catalyst, make our country, your country a better place. All we need is your support and commitment to help, to be there to do something magnum-opus. Try to do a good deed for someone you don’t know, for nothing in return and see your heart fill with joy!?



Delighted to be a part of such a precious initiative. It gives us a way to give back.
Prathap B.R

Prathap B.R

Being a volunteer for New India feels great, it is truly fulfilling.


To be a part of a change that is so positive is an honor.


Volunteer work always brings joy, especially for such huge initiatives like New India.

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