Stop Rape is a campaign that urges for the most important thing, Justice! It is born out of the apathetic status quo of our country when it comes to Rape as a crime. 90% rapes in India go unreported. Of the reported only 30% go to trial. Of them only 1/3rd go to jail! Is this what we call justice?

It is owing to these numbers, this sordid state of affairs that Stop Rape Campaign has been initiated. On the occasion of International Women’s Day we launch the Stop Rape Campaign. The core aim of our campaign is to make our voice heard, to create enough noise and awareness about the sufferings and plight of women in our country. We initiate a plea!

Our plea is to all the Honourable Judges of India, to make stricter laws and tougher punishments for rapists. And to ensure that day to day trials of rape cases happen.

We have complete faith that once our voice reaches the Honourable judges and law-makers, they sure will do every possible thing in their power to make India a safer haven for women. We have faith in our system!

But to make our voice heard we need your support. Your support will amplify our plea.

Your Support can Stop Rape!
Your presence. You call. Your sign. Your attire. Your smallest effort can make a difference.


A hand that helps, is a hand that cradles change. At New India all we need is your helping hand, your encouraging spirit. We embrace, volunteers & Supporters

A call to Stop Rape. All you have to do is give a missed call on this number 7406102102 and you will express your support, it is simple. Just pick up the phone and dial.

Sign a petition to Stop Rape. If you cannot be physically present, be digitally present. Participate by signing our online petition on change.org and help us amass strength.

Wear Black. upload your picture on social media with #nowomensday. Express solidarity against rape.

Together we can Stop Rape. Punishing the rapists is the only way.
We need trials to happen on a day to day basis.
Let us make it happen!

Join Us Now: https://goo.gl/eq5ZKe