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Mob attacked over 34 school girls for resisting harassment and molestation in Bihar

Patna: Thirty-four girls student of a residential school in Bihar had to pay a heavy price for opposing routine sexual advances made by some local youth on Saturday evening. The girls were thrashed so badly by the boys that the injured girls were rushed to the hospital immediately in an ambulance. “More than 12 girls sustained grievous injuries and the condition of two of them is critical”. Many of the injured have internal pain, said Congress MP, Ranjit Ranjan from Supaul who visited the hospital on Sunday.

“When the girls came outside the school to play, boys standing in the nearby terraces used explicit words. After the girls revolted to the comments, they were beaten up by the boys. A few of us went to the field to calm the situation. It all became peaceful soon after, but the boys did not stop misbehaving. At that point, there were 10-12 boys.

The mob had a free run, vandalized the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya(KGBV), which is the residential school for girls belonging to SC, ST, OBC and minority communities. Only two arrested were made till the time of going to press. Both KGBV and middle school are on the same campus with the separate building but a common playground. ”

The Girl at KGBV alleged that some youth of Darpakha often harassed them sexually and passed lewd comments. The girls confronted some of the youths on Saturday and the violence was in retaliation of this act, they added. Narrating the sequence of events, Sapaul DM, Badiya Nath Yadav said some of the girls confronted a few local youths and some middle school students for writing vulgar messages on the wall of KGBV.”Such incident won’t be tolerated, we will identify the culprits and bring the guilty to book”

Rape is heinous crime and betrayer must deserve capital punishment

The act itself is unspeakable, an 8-year-old girl has been heinously raped and murdered by these betrayers. The minor victim belonging to the Bakerwal or Gujjar community from Rassana Village, Her body was found inside the deep bushes of forest located 1 kilometer from her home on January 17th and still, nothing has been done.

This heinous crime is done to create fear among the nomad Bakerwal or Gujjar community in the village so that they could be pushed out, and this heinous crime was masterminded by a retired official of the Revenue Department from Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the report published in Indian Express, The minor victim was raped thrice inside the prayer hall and killed the girl by strangling and hitting on her head with a stone.The betrayer was called from Surat to do this brutal crime. A police personnel also involved in this crime.Reports say that the accused paid 1.5lakh bribe to the local police to cover up the crime initially and all this was done because to create fear among Bakerwal community.The J&K state Crime Branch presented charge sheet against seven accused of this heinous crime on Monday in the court of Kathua’s Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM).

When ANI tried to contact Kathua MLA Rajiv Jasrotia on Wednesday about the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in his constituency, Jasrotia has switched off his mobile when asked for comments a text me, and later send’s message saying Sir, I am going to the hospital as my mother-in-law is not well.”

On the other hand, the J&K state Police filed an FIR on Monday against attorneys of Jammu who strived to prevent Crime Branch officers from filing a charge sheet in the court in connection with this heinous crime.

Crime branch has appointed a special team to unthread the case of conspiracy, wrongful confinement, Kidnapping, gang rape, murder and destruction of evidence against eight accused, which include four police, retired state government revenue official, his son and a minor nephew, and a civilian.

A world where women aren’t safe is a world that lacks all grace

Our country witnesses over 35000 rape cases in a year, a number which is increasing, and a number that reflects a dark truth we all live with. A society founded on the unequal principles of patriarchy is already a difficult place for Women to live, grow and thrive, adding to the menace is the ever increasing incidences of violence against women, especially Rape. All this in a country that worships Goddesses. Over 31,000 rape cases are pending in high courts alone. India’s conviction rate for rape, at 25.5%, remains low compared to all cognisable crimes – those that do not require a magistrate’s permission to investigate – under the Indian Penal Code (46.9% in 2015).

What adds raw salt to the open wounds is that we often blame the victim for her own unfortunateness. We judge her character, her clothes, and thus make her existence a living hell. The prevailing insensitivity often leads to victims remaining quiet, committing suicide, seldom do we see a Rape survivor, actually live a normal life.

It is about time our government takes strong steps against Rape. Here are something’s we can do to make India safer.

  • Make the rape laws strict and unforgiving
  • Get media literate: Media, like everything else we consume, is a product; someone imagined, created and implemented it. Ask the right questions about who creates media that profits off the objectification of women.
  • Create a code of conduct: at work place, school and home, with respect to interaction with persons of opposite sex should be outlined and implemented.
  • Gender sensitization
  • Gender sensitization by parents and teachers is needed regarding the sensitivities and boundaries of man-woman relationships.
  • Education and employment
  • Improvement in quality of education and employment opportunities for youth.
  • Recreation and talent – Recreational avenues and opportunities for talent development in young people.
  • Moral and religious values – Parents and teachers should strive to infuse good moral and religious values in children and serve as role models.
  • Population control – Last, but not the least, If we are sincere we will get the results. Let us all say “No” to violence against women.

Let us face the mirror, some statistics that reflect our dark side

The National Crime Records Bureau publishes an annual report entitled “Crime in India”. The report for 2015 provides us with the latest status update of crime records in tune with the above provisions on women-related violence.

A total of 327,394 cases of crime against women have been reported in 2015. The present statistics show a 3.1% decline from 2014.

After a long spell of 4 years (2011-2014) when the crime cases were continuously increasing, the sudden decline in overall crime cases reported makes one wonder whether things have really improved – or is it that there have been fewer cases of reporting this year?

A total of 157,249 cases under violence against women in India has been reported as pending for investigation by the end of the year 2015 while 1,080,144 cases have remained pending for trial by the end of the year.

The highest conviction rate has been reported under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (49%) followed by the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (47.8%) while the lowest conviction rate has been reported under Abetment to suicide and Cruelty by Husband and his Relatives.

Women, mostly face violence in the private sphere (e.g. domestic violence, marital rape), within their families and at the hands of intimate partners or relatives of their partners. And we say that she is safe at home!

8 month old raped! Would you still say it is her fault?

In the recent past a horrific incident revealed the gruesome reality of the situation of women in our country. An eight month old baby was sexually assaulted by her cousin in a hospital in Delhi. We have so far understood that women face most of the violence at home, at the hands of intimate partners […]

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